wisckar Business Use

The commercial account makes use of the platform by advertising through it to potential customers via the app. Users can access their WisckAR™ account via the app or desktop. The commercial account will receive 2 Gig of cloud storage which can equate to about 25-30 AR experiences for advertising. The user will be given the ability to create, edit, share though geo-fencing and create an actionable event after the advertising moment has played. The commercial user is also given access to their own dashboard where they can see how many views, likes and comments advertising moments had. All for the low cost of $39 per month.


Some examples of what you can use WisckAR™ for:

  • 1. Restaurant Menus
  • 2. Realestate Listings
  • 3. Vehicle Graphics / Semi Trailers)
  • 4. Business Signs / Logos
  • 5. Store Posters / Decor
  • 6. Product Packaging
  • 7. Business Brochures
  • 8. Show Booth Displays
  • 9. Business Cards
  • 10. Mailers
  • 11. Promotional Gifts / Handouts
  • 12. Music Industry (T-shirts, album covers, etc.)
  • 13. Movie Posters
  • 14. Books
  • 15. Museum Tours
  • 16. How To’s Manuels
  • 17. Stickers (Placed on products like heating and cooling, manufacturers, etc.)
  • 18. Publications (Magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  • 19. Athlete Cards, Photos, Etc.
  • 20. Billboards / Large Format Signs Plus much more!
  • WisckAR™ Business Key Features:

  • The ability to create an augmented reality advertising moment by uploading a (marker) image and then upload a video to play through the image.
  • Ability to set up geo-fencing, start and stop of promotion and give the ability for people to view, like and comment on the moment.
  • Ability to set up an actionable occurance, simple URL link, for after the WisckAR™ advertising moment plays.
  • Use of WisckAR™ advertising moment dashboard to see how many views, likes and comments moments had.
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