wisckar Personal Use

The free personal account user will receive 1 Gig of cloud storage which can equate to about 10-15 AR experiences which are called Moments. There is the ability for an upgrade for more storage at a minimal cost. The user will be given the ability to create, edit, share through invites and view other moments including personal and business moments. The account only needs a phone # to create. Users can access their WisckAR™ account via the app or desktop.


Some examples of what you can use WisckAR™ for:

  • 1. Photo/Wall Art Decor
  • 2. Regular Photo
  • 3. Wedding Invite (Could be save the date)
  • 4. Baby Announcement
  • 5. Party Invites (Could be directions)
  • 6. Picture Book
  • 7. Holiday Card / Birthday Card
  • 8. Calendar
  • 9. Child’s School / Sport / Senior Pictures
  • 10. Novelty Gifts (Mugs, t-shirts, etc.)
  • 11. Remembering Someone That Has Past
  • 12. Things For Sale By Owner
  • 13. Notes (Like lists or love notes)
  • 14. Artwork (Like kids artwork or the artist can give a narrative about a piece)
  • Plus much more!
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